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Premises Liability

Slip and Fall Injuries at Commercial or Retail Establishments

Premises liability is a concept under the law that details the responsibility that commercial property owners and retail store managers have to protect the safety of visitors and patrons.

Our Law Firm has over a 25-year history of successfully holding negligent property owners, managers, and staff accountable for serious injuries suffered on commercial premises.personal injury law - slip and fall

If you suffered serious slip and fall injuries in a store or office building or at an apartment complex, you may have a sound premises liability claim. Contact us today to learn more and to receive a free case evaluation.

Two common causes of action under premises liability law are slip and fall accidents caused by negligent maintenance and injury sustained in a criminal assault due to negligent security on the premises.

Premises Liability Law: Slip and Fall Injuries

Serious injury may occur when staff or management at a commercial office or retail store fails to exercise proper precautions to prevent a slip and fall accident caused by a wet floor, uneven floor surface, or foreign objects in a walkway (often referred to as a trip and fall accident).

In these cases, we must prove that the property owner, manager, and/or staff knew or reasonably should have known of the danger and failed to warn visitors, remedy the situation, or otherwise act to prevent serious injuries, such as broken bones (ankle, wrist, hip, etc.) or a head injury in a slip and fall accident. More here @

Premises Liability Law: Negligent Security

Negligent security, such as failure to provide adequate lighting in parking lots or to secure doors and windows, can be a cause of action in a premises liability claim. When security negligence allows a visitor, shopper, or business patron to suffer injury in a mugging or assault, the commercial property owners may be held liable as well.

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