Car Accident Lawyer – What Damages Can You Go After

Car Accident Lawyer – What Damages Can You Go After

Your tangible (or obvious) financial losses are special or economic damages. Most of the time, special damages include lost wages, loss of earning capacity for the period you can’t work because of the injury, and your medical bills. Sometimes, the cost of medical treatment can be easy to calculate. Other times these costs are not, especially if your medical treatment continues longer than expected, or the full extent of your injuries is unknown. Then the task of calculating special damages is more complex. Figuring the loss of earning capacity is often a complicated matter. Suppose you’re unable to return to work. In that case, you must account for the time value of money you’ve lost, as well as hypothetical promotions, raises, and career changes when calculating how much you’ll demand that the defendant compensate you for the income you are unable to earn in the future, regardless of whether it takes months or years for you to recover. More about our San Antonio car accident lawyer

And suppose a loved one was killed in an auto accident. In that case, additional special damages can include funeral expenses and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering by the deceased family member had he or she lived, in addition to a few other damages. But it takes an experienced auto accident attorney to assess these damages, calculate their value, and put them all in the demand package that is handed to the defendant and their insurance representatives.

Intangible non-economic losses are called general damages. These include compensation for your emotional suffering that is always a part of serious injuries suffered in an auto accident. The amount of general damages that a case is worth depends almost exclusively on the injury’s circumstances and the degree of pain and suffering. This is why general damages can vary greatly from case to case, even if the physical injuries appear to be very similar.

But computing every single loss is a challenge without an experienced auto accident injury lawyer who knows the value of personal injury losses and how to calculate them effectively. How do you accurately represent an intangible loss such as pain and suffering or that of your child? When calculating the loss of earning capacity if you are permanently disabled, how do you account for hypothetical raises and promotions you would have earned had you continued to work, or gotten a promotion, or were hired away by another company at double your current salary? How can you calculate how much all of your medical bills will amount to if your treatment is not yet complete and your doctor can’t tell how long it will last? We at our Texas Law Office know how to account for and calculate every one of your damages and make doubly certain that you recover as much as possible for your injuries.

Put our years of experience to work for you. If you want to know your rights, how to proceed with your claim, and how much compensation you can secure from your auto accident case, call our Law Firm now for a free consultation and find out how we can help you.