An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Our firm has personal injury lawyers with experience you can count on when you need it most!

Get What You Deserve with the Help of a Personal Injury Attorney

Whether you have suffered a minor injury, such as a whiplash, or a catastrophic one, such as paralysis, you shouldn’t have to bear the responsibility for your pain alone. If you were hurt due to the fault or negligence of others, you may be entitled to compensation for your anguish and suffering. Call us,  today if you have received injuries from the following:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Semi-truck accidents
  • Auto accidents, including accidents involving motorcycles, bikes, buses, cars, vans, or pedestrians
  • Elder care abuse or neglect
  • Dog bites
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Illness caused by lead-based products, toxic mold, or asbestos
  • Consumer product injuries
  • Any other injury to body, mind, or emotion
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Get Help from a Successful Accident Lawyer

We will fight for your rights. When you’re searching for the right accident lawyer, look no further than us.

Let Our Accident Attorney Fight the Insurance Companies
It is hard for you to fight the insurance companies by yourself because they can hire expensive attorneys. Don’t fight them alone. Contact us today and let our law firm fight for your rights

Steps to Take Once You’ve Been Injured
Once you’ve been injured, it is important to take appropriate steps quickly before your rights slip away. We recommend the following process:

  • Contact us as soon as possible (while the details are still fresh).
  • Gather medical bills, police reports, receipts, or other documents pertinent to your case.
  • Discuss the details of your case at your free consultation.
  • Rely on the opinion of a professional to determine if your case has merit.
  • If we determine that your case has merits, retain our services to fight for the compensation you deserve

Initial Free Consultation
Are you wondering whether or not you have a personal injury case? Don’t wonder any longer. Contact our accident attorney today for a free consultation. During the consultation we will review the details of your situation with you and help you determine if you have a case. If you decide not to retain our services, there is no cost or obligation. If you decide to pursue action, we can begin immediately to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Looking for Divorce Lawyers?

Going through the divorce process raises many important issues that need to be resolved. Who gets custody of the kids? How will the property get divided? What about child support and alimony? On top of the emotional stress that a divorce brings, these concerns can be extremely difficult to resolve on your own. During this difficult time, it is wise to seek the advice of experienced divorce lawyers. Our firm has experience handling divorce cases and can provide you with solutions to all the associated issues that a divorce brings.

Hire a Compassionate Divorce Attorney 

Divorce law is an extensive legal field, so you need someone who is familiar with it and who has successfully handled divorce cases before. We will work to defend your rights throughout your divorce proceedings. It’s worth it to have a seasoned attorney on your side when custody of your children and your finances are at stake. Handing your divorce proceeding over to our law office can greatly reduce your stress during this trying time of your life.

Division of Property and Alimony

Property and assets are distributed equitably in a divorce. However, “equitable” doesn’t mean that your assets will be divided equally. For this reason alone, it’s important that you have a lawyer on your side so you can get what you deserve in your divorce settlement. It’s also important to have an attorney if you have concerns about alimony payments, which are a highly contested area of divorce law.

Custody and Child Support Issues

When it comes to who gets custody, the court will decide this based on what the judge determines is in the best interest of the children. This is also a very sensitive area of divorce law, which is why you need a supportive and skilled attorney to help you. If you are afraid of losing custody of your children, contact our law office. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation evaluation. We can also advise you on child support issues. This is another important phase of divorce proceedings, and we will ensure that you are represented accurately and that your rights are defended.

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